About The Brewer's Market

We Really Love Our Beer

We love brewing craft beer, and we love it even more when it is made with fresh and natural malts, barleys and hops from only the best producers. And so, at The Brewer’s Market, we take the time to make sure you get premium ingredients, resulting in a premium craft beer.

The true art of creating your own craft beer is about having access to the best quality ingredients. We have made it our mission to provide only the best fresh and all-natural products so that you can be proud to serve your own great tasting craft beer made in the comfort of your own home.

Bring Brewing Home.

Behind every great craft brewer is someone who quite simply loves quality beer.  Someone who appreciates the complexity of the beverage and who believes in producing a quality brew.

Michael and Nancy have always been passionate about craft beer.

In researching ingredients, imagine their surprise when they discovered the number of additives (up to 140!) found in commercially-brewed beer — sometimes including beer flavouring!

Soon, they found their love for simple and fresh foods, rich flavours and aromas and, of course, craft brewing converging. They began researching beer making processes and talking to brewmasters. The most satisfying part of the process? Finding the right fit for making their beer directly from all-natural hand-milled grains and seeing exactly what was going into their craft beer.

And so, The Brewer’s Market was born, making fresh and natural ingredients accessible for truly unique craft beer.